Update Your Home: Make a Good First Impression 

We have all heard it “first impressions mean everything.” What is the first impression your home gives off? The size should not matter, but ask yourself, does my home have good curb appeal? Curb appeal matters. It’s true, if you are trying to sell your home, you want the sellers to have a good first impression. Even if you are not thinking about selling anytime soon, isn’t it nice to know friends, family, and your neighbors are not judging you on the exterior of your house? And how about having some nice curb appeal so you can enjoy pulling into your driveway each day? 

Here are a few updates to increase your home’s curb appeal and maybe even its value. 

Repaint the front door/side door/garage door. These doors take a beating and over time it shows. A new coat of paint on doors (maybe even a fun color) is a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home. Sometimes doors don’t need to be repainted, they just need a good deep clean. If you are repainting/cleaning, make sure the hardware matches, it may be time to upgrade this as well. Replacing house numbers can also be an upgrade, pick a font that adds character to your home. 

Consider some new plants, or even plants at all. No one wants to be greeted by dying vegetation, so take some time to research the type of plant that will do well in the space. Make sure to buy plants that match your lifestyle, if you have very little time to care for plants, think about investing in some good faux ones. They will last forever, and if they are good quality, no one will ever know.  

Last, but not least, consider adding porch lights or upgrading the ones you have. Or take a good hard look at them, they may not need to be replaced but are in need of a good scrubbing. Good lighting is important in every part of your home and the exterior should not be overlooked. There you have it, a couple of easy upgrades to make the first impression you always wanted to make. 

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