Garages are essential for storing our vehicles, yard tools, mowers, power tools and outdoor sporting items. However, it often also ends up being a dumping ground for things we don’t use, old clothes, unfinished projects and items that just don’t have a home. This can turn your garage into a colossal mess! We have a few organizing tips to help you get things under control and more functional.

Utility shelves and storage containers will help you organize the mess and create homes for your items. Thankfully containers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the variety of items you need to store in your garage. Clear containers are a good way to see what you have. Otherwise, you can label your containers so you will always know where everything is when you need it.

Group categories into designated areas. For example, set up a wall space for all your yard tools. A wall panel or peg board would be ideal, as you can attach hooks to hang your shovels, rakes and the like. Shelves and baskets can also be hung here to store things like garden gloves, bottles of pest spray or gas containers for your lawn machinery, and anything else in your yard category. This setup can be duplicated in another space for your cleaning supplies… mops, brooms, floor dusters, cleaning rags and brushes, etc. Creating spaces for different categories really helps to tame the chaos.

The garage’s entryway to the house could also use some attention. This is a perfect spot to establish a mudroom space. Make it pretty with stylish hooks for coats and jackets. Add some nice decor possibly above the hooks. Try painting your door to carry on the personality of your house. Add some shoe shelves to keep the shoes in order. Don’t forget a charming door mat.

Some of these ideas are sure to help you control the clutter that gathers in the garage, making it more organized and functional.

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