Here at 2Vets Inspections we are dedicated to bringing you the best possible inspection reports. We schedule our inspections so as to have enough time to complete each one thoroughly. We allot enough time to learn every detail about your home so that we can provide you with a thorough and accurate report.

We take time to further our education in the home inspection industry. We started with the state requirements, moved on  to an international certification course –  InterNACHI, went through the American Home Inspector Training Course, and now continue our education with the KREIA (Kentucky Real Estate Inspectors Association). This continued education and affiliation helps us stay abreast of current building and state requirements. We always know what is best for your home.

Our motivation is to serve in the best way we know. For many of us, that used to be in the military. Now we help our customers invest wisely. Our inspections can reveal costly repairs that a property needs; you can then adjust your offer, or move on. We are happiest to help you buy with peace of mind. When we help you find that diamond in the rough to invest in, we are as happy about it as you are!


We take our time getting to know your home carefully. In order to provide you with an accurate report, we must inspect every system in your home. Our inspectors are given adequate time to investigate every system and determine its condition. 

So where do we look? The exterior is important because it shields you and your family from the elements. The interior is where you live and must be safe. Both are important and so we take our time to examine both areas thoroughly.


The inside of your home is where you spend most of your time. That area must be free of harmful circumstances. Our trained inspectors can find unsafe conditions that need to be fixed. Our inspections include recommendations to resolve any issues we find.


The outside of your home is your first line of defense against the weather, intruders, and even pests. We examine the outside of your home looking for weak points or areas that need to be repaired. It is imperative to complete outside repairs quickly.




Our inspection reports contain all the information that you need to understand the condition of your home. We include every detail necessary for you to protect your investment.


We always send electronic reports. These reports are easy to share, open anywhere, and keep track of. Electronic reports allow us to attach high resolution photos that help you see what we are describing.



The inspection reports we send are accurate to the smallest detail. An accurate report is necessary for you to make wise decisions regarding your home and investment


We pride ourselves on our ability to create a report that is informative but still understandable. A report that is easily understood lets anyone understand the condition of their home.

Would not have been able to purchase the house my wife fell in love with without Mr. Smith and his inspection company.  On time, worked diligently until the whole house was inspected, provided the required paperwork and with it we purchased our house.  Could not have asked for an easier process.  When and if we move, we will use this company again.

Erik Chambers


It is important that we determine the condition of all the systems at work in your home. We inspect these systems to make sure that they are working correctly and provide an estimate of how long they will be continue before needing to be replaced. We inspect the following systems:


Water leaks can deteriortate a house quickly, it is important to catch them and fix them quickly.


Improper wiring can drive up your power bill and is even a fire hazard. We test the system to verify it is in good working order.


HVAC systems work hard to keep you comfortable. We check their condition and make recommendations to keep them working efficiently.


A roof does a lot of work in protecting our homes. The roof system needs to be inspected regualrly to make sure it is performing correctly and there are no defects.

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