Wall mounting your television may seem like a good idea. It will free up valuable floor space
and, depending on the wall you choose, will be easily seen by all. There are a few points to
consider before going ahead and hanging your TV on the wall.
The most important question to ask yourself is, can my wall handle a TV? Televisions, even
smaller ones, are heavier than pictures, so it is important to locate a stud in order to anchor the
TV. If you cannot locate a stud, it may be a good idea to find a different location for the TV. You
don’t want to take a chance and have it come crashing down.
Another point to consider is what will you do with all the cords? Some solutions are to install the
cords inside the wall (this may or may not be a DIY project depending on how handy you are).
Another option is to have a power outlet installed behind the TV. If you choose this option, we
recommend hiring a professional. The simplest and easiest choice is to buy a cord cover to
camouflage all the cords running down the wall.
Some people tend to have a lot of “extras’ ‘ to go along with their TV. For example, game
consoles. When mounting a TV on the wall you will want to consider what “extras” you have
and where you are going to put them. Sometimes installing a floating shelf below the TV works
well or simply adding a bookshelf or console table below the TV will give you the extra storage
that you may need.
One last thing to consider before hanging your TV on the wall is, do you have a fear of
commitment? How often do you rearrange the decor in your room? What about your furniture?
Do you change paint colors on a frequent basis? Hanging a TV on the wall is a commitment, if
your tendency is to re-decorate your room often, investing in a console table in which the TV
can sit upon, is probably the best option for you.

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