Small kitchens can work for any size family, you just have to get creative. If a full renovation or
remodel is not in the budget, here are a few helpful suggestions to make your kitchen feel a little
bit bigger.

Start with organizing. Small kitchens often mean limited counter space, but that does not mean
every kitchen appliance, every bowl of fruit and every piece of mail have to live permanently on
your counters. Go through your cabinets and get rid of the items you don’t use. This will create
more storage space and help declutter the countertops. If you have space above your cabinets,
try investing in some decorative baskets or crates to store items in. Once you take the time to
organize and declutter your kitchen, it will immediately feel larger.

Paint can really improve the look and feel of a room. Painting the walls a light color will brighten
up your space and make it feel larger. If possible, consider painting your cabinets a lighter
color. A light grey or white will definitely open up your space. Optimize all the natural light you
can get. Open up those blinds or consider an opaque shade that will let sunlight in. If your
kitchen has no windows, consider trying daylight bulbs in your light fixtures.

Let the outside in. Again, a full remodel or renovation may not be in the budget, but is there a
place where you can consider adding a door to the outside? Or maybe you already have a door
and can upgrade to french doors or a single all glass door. Opening up the kitchen to the
outside will bring in all the natural light but can also give you that second dining space you need,
especially when family or friends come to visit.

A kitchen that is functional as well as comfortable is a must have. With a little organization,
paint and light, a small kitchen can be made to look and feel bigger, allowing you to enjoy
cooking and living in your space.

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