Feature walls provide an opportunity to create interest in your room with textures, colors and
patterns. It is a great way to show off your style and your creative side. Your feature wall will be
unique to you and your aesthetic. With so many ideas of what you can do, it can be quite
overwhelming. We’d like to present a few ideas that may help pull out the artist in you to create
a stunning feature wall.
If you are looking to create high impact interest, there are many ideas to accomplish this. One
easy way to create a high impact is a bold, beautiful wallpaper. Wallpaper has made a big
comeback. There are so many beautiful options. If you fear a future remodel involving tearing
off wallpaper, no worries, there are many peel and stick varieties to choose from. A beautiful,
bold wallpaper print on your feature wall will surely create interest. Another high impact idea
would be to create texture on your wall with wood. Shiplap creates a lot of character in a room.
Or possibly making a wall of shelves with a contrasting wall color on the inside, decorated with
whatever your heart desires.
If you prefer a subtle feature wall, you can simply paint your feature wall a different color than
the rest. You could create a bit of interest by making a paint design on your wall, such as
stripes or a chevron pattern.
Whether you make your feature wall bold or subtle, one suggestion to keep in mind is… create
your feature wall in a room that is not cluttered or already busy. Otherwise, it will not be a
feature. You want your feature wall to stand out as a point of interest. Hopefully these few
ideas will get your creative juices flowing to create a stunning feature wall in your home.

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