Getting a home inspection before making the most significant financial decision of your life is important. Home repairs usually come with a high price tag, so inspecting a property prior to buying it saves you money in the long run.

Hiring a home inspector before signing a contract can save you from spending money on costly repairs later. Some expensive fixes aren’t visible to the naked eye, and staging can hide these deficiencies. On top of this, you can unfortunately not always depend on sellers to disclose the full extent of any damage

Roof – Before purchasing a home, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the roof. There are several common issues that buyers should look for, including animal housing, broken downspouts, dislodged gutters, the disrepair of chimneys, and leaks.

Water Damage – Visible signs such as fresh paint in random spots, stains, and odors often indicate a home has significant moisture damage. This can cause major structural issues that can be easily addressed quickly if discovered before purchasing a home. Additionally, leaks or drips can cause similar damage if left unchecked. Uncovering these issues can save considerable stress and money in the long run by addressing them prior to buying a home.

Deck – It’s dangerous and expensive to leave a deck in disrepair. Most decks are built to last between 12 and 15 years. After their lifespan ends, they might require costly fixes. Additionally, all decks require regular maintenance depending on the specific materials used during construction.

Foundation – Cracks in a foundation can be very costly, with some potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair. The most troublesome cracks are typically wider than 1/4 of an inch.

Septic – Over time, septic systems have evolved into multiple types. Knowing exactly the type of septic system installed, how it functions and whether or not it is well-maintained is crucial when buying a home.

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